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Title:RECEIVE an update on the City of Richmond's draft inventory of all leased and owned properties and designations for Surplus Land and Exempt Surplus Land - City Manager's Office (Shasa Curl/Thomas Omolo 620-6512).

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Meeting Date:10/27/2020 Ward:
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Attachments:AB 1486 Surplus Properties StudySession_Staff Report Final.docx    DRAFT Attachment 1 - City’s Property Inventory of Leased and Owned Properties.pdf    DRAFT Attachment 2 - Surplus Properties.pdf    DRAFT Attachment 3 - Additional Properties to Reposition.pdf    DRAFT Attachment 4 - Surplus Properties and Exempt Surplus Properties - Booklet.pdf    Attachment 5 - Powerpoint.pdf    
 1stCity Manager10/27/2020Council Meeting
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